High Conflict Custody and Visitation

High Conflict Custody and Visitation

When there is a high degree of conflict between the parents, or the court believes it may be helpful for outside investigation and reporting on matters involving the children, an evaluator may be appointed to help determine what situation is in the best interests of the child. If you find your family in a high conflict custody situation you need the backing of professional attorney.

Call our office immediately to schedule a free consultation. DeVriendt & Associates has a network of professionals that will be able to assist in providing the Court with an educated and appropriate custody recommendation to the Court.

Parental Relocation, Child Move-Away

At DeVriendt & Associates, we assist parents involved in child relocation legal issues. Whether you are looking to move with your child, or you wish to object to the move, we can provide 21089419_llegal support. When a divorce is finalized and child custody has been determined, lives readjust. Parents may make the decision to move to another state for a career opportunity, remarriage, or other reason. However, relocating with a child is a complex legal process that can be difficult. We provide child custody representation for our clients during separation agreement negotiations, divorce proceedings, and any necessary post-divorce modifications. There are specific factors that the Court reviews when deciding whether to grant or deny a parent’s request to move their child out of Illinois. Each factor is very unique and the Court does not give equal weight to all factors. We will sit down with you and assist in determining which factors are in your favor and how likely it is you will be able to move with your child (or stop your ex-spouse from relocating with your child).

Visitation Rights

Visitation schedules are determined, like all other domestic issues involving children, in accordance with the best interests of the child. Visitation orders are within the discretion of the trial court. It is important that there is frequent and continuing contact between parent and child following divorce. In some cases there have been vindictive or difficult ex-partners that continuously violate the agreements regarding visitation. This can create real problems if you are trying to spend time with your children, or you have made plans that now must be changed, as the ex-spouse is not complying with legally established visitation rules.