Child Custody

Child Custody

Illinois Courts will award Joint Custody or Sole Custody to parents.

Joint Custody

Joint Ccustody does not ensure that both parents will have equal parenting time. Joint custody requires that parents be able to cooperate with each other when deciding major issues involving their children. These issues can include: choice of schools, medical decisions, and religious choices. If parents cannot cooperate with each other regarding these decisions, it is unlikely that the court will award joint custody. The court will also take into consideration the location of all parties and what is in the best interest of the children.

Sole Custody

When parents are unable to cooperate with each other when deciding matters directly relating to major decisions (religious choices, schools, medical issues) the Court will award Sole custody to one parent. People often think that if one parent is granted sole custody, the other parent is not allowed to have visitation with the child. This is a very common misconception and inaccurate.

It is important to have a parenting plan in place that addresses all decisions that may come up after the divorce is finalized or before the parentage case is concluded. If you would like to discuss your situation please contact DeVriendt & Associates for a free initial consultation at 815-723-8300, or by filling out the contact form found on the website.