Grandparents’ Rights

Just as a divorce transforms the nuclear family relationships into new arrangements, it also affects the extended families as well. Illinois has a permissive visitation statute that allows grandparents and great-grandparents the ability to file a petition for visitation rights. However, a grandparent does not automatically gain visitation rights. We work with grandparents who want a right of access to their grandchildren. We also work with parents who have good reasons for opposing form3458986_lal grandparent visitation.

Disputes over grandparent visitation can also come up when the grandchild’s parents are unmarried or when a grandparent wishes to seek custody of their grandchild. A grandparent who acts as a child’s primary caregiver might be interested in formal custody when one or both parents can’t provide a stable home environment instead of establishing a right to regular visitation over the objection of a parent. The objective is to get legal recognition of parental authority during a period when the child’s parents can’t meet the full range of their responsibilities- similar to that of a guardian.

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